When my husband and I went to see my grandad, who I hadn’t seen for over 24 years, he was out.

My husband and I sat in the car, wondering what to do next, when a gentleman walked around the corner.

‘Is that him?’ My husband pointed out. He walked straight passed the car and put his shopping bags down, to catch a breath. As I looked up, I blurted out ‘That’s my grandad! I’m 100% sure, he hasn’t changed one bit!’ I got out the car, walked up to him and said his name.

He looked up at me with surprise and tears in his eyes. I said to him ‘You havn’t changed, I’ve missed you so much, not a day has gone by that I have not thought of you.’ He then hugged me tight and gave me kisses on my cheek.

After an overwhelming introduction at his house, we took him out to a lovely little pub in his village for lunch and chatted over 4 hours.

When leaving, my pops and I were in tears, we didn’t want to stop hugging! Although he is my step grandad, we were very close when I was a child (I didn’t have the best of childhoods). My pops was always there for me!

We exchanged contact details and txt most days, speaking on the phone every weekend, without fail.

We now have two trips planned together, for the near future. Thankyou HeirHunter UK for finding my grandad pops!

You have truly filled that missing piece in my heart.

Tracy Rebecca Stevens


| Tracy Rebecca Stevens |

Today, my husband met his birth mother for the first time, it is all so surreal, totally amazing and wonderful!

Since a young boy, my husband has been searching for his mother but never really got anywhere. I joined a few Missing People links on facebook and decided to write a post with all the information.

On Saturday 7th March, I accepted a friend request from HeirHunter UK. Within an hour, Fraser came up with a telephone number, address, everything! He’d found her!

The next day, Steve phoned the telephone number and confirmed it was his mum! Steve was trembling, it was crazy!

After numerous emails & texts between one another, they finally met. It was so natural and beautiful, the first day of the rest of their lives together!

I know it is going to be a happy future for the both of them, they deserve it after all they have been through in life.

I just want to say thank you Fraser, you made this happen, you will be remembered forevermore, you gave them their happy ending.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, Amanda and Stephen Gibbs xx


| Amanda & Steve Gibbs |

This year, I celebrated the best Christmas I ever had!

For the past 66 years, I have been searching for my family.

Finally, thanks to HeirHunter UK, I now know that I have a sister and other relatives. A dream come true!

I am now also aware of my dad’s family history.

Although I was unaware that I had a sister, I had the name and birthplace of my dad. This information was enough for HeirHunter UK to find my sister and family and put us in touch with one another.

Words cannot describe the happiness this has brought to our family!

It’s true, magic can happen, but you need the right people to make it happen. For us and anybody looking for somebody, HeirHunter UK are the right people!

Frank Kirk and Family


| Frank Kirk |

Just want to say, Fraser you are a legend!

After fifty-one years of hitting brick walls and not knowing where to turn, you finally reunited a long lost family.

My dad met his mum approximately four weeks ago, who ironically, had been searching for him too but had been sadly told that my dad had passed away.

They now share a budding relationship which is growing stronger by the day. He has discovered he has a brother and a niece, plus many more overjoyed family members. He spent New Year with he’s new found family!

Without you, none of this would have happened.

Thank You

| Claire Ashley |

Since being adopted from birth in 1965, I have tried on and off to find my birth mother.

Within a few hours of contacting HeirHunter UK, they confirmed my birth mother’s date of birth. Sadly, she had passed away at a very young age.

I have nothing but praise for how sympathetically HeirHunter UK handled the situation. They continued to give me numerous leads to family members and contact details to follow up!!

I have since obtained my birth mother’s death certificate and gained further information about extended family.

Many thanks HeirHunter UK, you are a miracle worker xx

| Carolyn Atkinson |

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