For years mum wanted to find her half brother but never had a name to trace. Little did we know that her brother was trying to do the same.

With very little information, he got in touch with HeirHunter UK. In a matter of an hour or two, we were in touch.

The joy and amazement from both families has been overwhelming!

We will never be able to thank HeirHunter UK enough for all they have done. Truly gifted researchers, bringing families together for whatever reason.

Thank you so much x

| Tricia Russell |

After twenty one years of endless searches and various dead ends, I was put in touch with HeirHunter UK. Within weeks, I was put in touch with my family.

No nonsense, no fuss, just results and a happy ending for me.

Cannot recommend this company enough!

| Lorraine Curtis |

After searching years for my partner’s mum to no avail, I found HeirHunter UK who located her after about thirty minutes.

Amazing and lovely genuine people xx

| Kim Hulacka |

After seeing a lady desperately looking for her missing brother, I remember seeing an advert for HeirHunter UK and decided to ask for their help.

Within moments, the person was traced and within a week, the family reunited.

I have used HeirHunter UK several times since to trace friends and each time with a successful result.

I can’t thank HeirHunter UK enough for the pure joy that can be given by finding a missing person and being reunited.

| Clara O'Donnell |

After searching unsuccessfully to an extent, we had traced my wife’s birth father’s side of the family but had difficulty tracing her birth mother.

We had used a number of sites and well known groups such as Ancestry.com with limited success, the name was Smith and proved difficult.

HeirHunter UK offered help and within four days we had traced my wife’s birth relatives, we have now met up and talk almost daily. What a difference it has made to our lives.

Fraser is certainly very knowledgeable about how to trace people, he will always be someone we will remember, thanks Fraser.

The picture is of our reunion night, Fraser and Tracy even came along.

It was a brilliant night with forty-eight new relatives to meet, we are told there are even more to meet yet too.

| Andy Stephenson |

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