We successfully trace over 94.7% of all people searches.


Tracing missing people to an address can be frustrating for the general public. We successfully trace over 94.7% of all tracing instructions. Tracing agents will trace any missing person in the UK normally within 24 hours if you can supply the following information to our team. At no time will the subject be conscious of any trace action.

We offer an industry leading product. Tracing agents will trace in total confidence (the subject will not be conscious of any trace action) any missing person in the UK normally within 24 hours if you can supply the following information to our team.

For the avoidance of any doubt: Full Name, Old Address within last 10 years or full date of birth is required if possible.

Positive Trace

Any new address not supplied by you at which we have evidence of current residency. Please supply all last known or associated addresses subject is known to use.

By using this service you will be agreeing to our terms and conditions and are complying with all aspects of the Data Protection Act. ‘In particular’ you are agreeing to schedule 2 of the Data Protection Act, which states that the information being obtained is sought in order to do one (or more than one) of the following:- Provide the data subject (The person you are tracing) with information, benefits, assets or monies due.

To claim monies owed (by a debtor). To hold some other communication in which is deemed to be beneficial and non-prejudicial to the data subject. For further details please see our data protection page.

Our Database

Our electoral roll Search covers England, Wales, Scotland (Inc Islands) Northern Ireland, Guernsey & Jersey.

We access a consented telephone database which holds over 85 million telephone numbers. Many of the telephone numbers are currently listed ex-directory but the subscriber has provided express consent to the database owner to process within a public facing consented landline telephone number database.

1980-2015 Death Search

Over 7 million UK death records. Our own database details official death data and other public records for the subject. Unlike a traditional G.R.O. index death search, our search will return a normal place of residence for the identified deceased person.

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