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Relative Tracing

“Since being adopted from birth in 1965, I have tried on and off to find my birth mother.

Within a few hours of contacting HeirHunter UK, they confirmed my birth mother’s date of birth.

They continued to give me numerous leads to family members and contact details to follow up.

Many thanks HeirHunter UK, you are a miracle worker.”

| Carolyn Atkinson |

With limited information, we reunite lost relatives in the UK and Overseas.


We pride ourselves on our 94.7% success rate.


We’ve featured on the BBC Family Finders programme, reuniting family members.


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The most integral part of being human is knowing who you are and where you come from. 


Whether you are looking for a biological parent, lost sibling or any other missing relative, when it comes to family – all strings are attached!


This search is meaningful to you. Therefore, it is paramount that you choose us to carry out the search, rather than just any old amateur tracing company. 


We realise that this can be a sensitive time, taking this step could open a chapter of your life that may have been closed, or even unknown to you. 


Our researchers will support you throughout the process, right up to reunion. 


We can keep you updated of every step or alternatively, just get back in touch once we have results. 


Once the search is complete, we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of all the facts and findings.



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