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BBC One Family Finders programme

02 Mar ‘18
BBC One Family Finders programme

Our researchers featured in two episodes of the BBC One programme, Family Finders.


Series 1 – Episode 8

When she was a child, Sandie Smith opened a cupboard looking for some colouring pens and stumbled across a piece of paper which revealed she had been adopted. Sandie waited until she was an adult to try to trace her birth parents, but despite unearthing some tantalising leads she was unable to make a breakthrough until a professional family finder stepped in to help. Sadly, Sandie’s mother had passed away, but the family finder had much happier news – he’d traced her sisters, Sandie’s aunts. Sandie meets up with her aunts for an emotional journey into their past, as she finds out much more about the mother she never had the chance to meet.


Series 1 – Episode 9

Christina Boston grew up always knowing she was adopted. But when she set out to find her birth sisters with the help and encouragement of her adoptive mum Pam, Christina had no idea how difficult the search would be. It was a case that left the online family finding community baffled – until a professional got involved and was able to track down her sisters. In an emotional encounter, Christina introduces mum Pam to her sisters Rachel and Sarah for the very first time.

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