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Untouchables: Anfield’s Band of Brothers

13 Jul ‘21
Untouchables: Anfield’s Band of Brothers

We assisted Jeff Goulding and Kieran Smith in locating family members for Frederick Hopkin (23 September 1895 – 5 March 1970), a football player for Darlington, Manchester United and Liverpool. Fred Hopkin will feature in their book, Untouchables: Anfield’s Band of Brothers.

Kieran and Jeff sent us their thanks:

“Kieran and I would like to offer our heartfelt thanks for all your help and support with this project. Each of you have been hugely helpful, whether that be helping with our research, sharing your own, sharing memorabilia and photographs, or helping to get the message out there.

To the journalists and writers who published articles appealing for descendants of the untouchables to come forward, your efforts bore fruit in several cases. To the programme collectors who shared examples from their wonderful collections, thank you – these really helped us gain a great insight into the period. And, to those of you who have shared your expertise and knowledge, thoughts and perspectives, we appreciate it and the book is better for it.

Finally, to the families and descendants of the Untouchables, we want to offer our sincere gratitude. We could not write this book without your input and support, and the book would not be what it is without your help. Many of you have contributed your own research and family heirlooms, such as photos, birth and marriage certificates and so much more. Your generosity has been incredible. In one case, that involved having photos restored and colourised, an amazing gesture of support.

We have ensured that you are all recognised in the acknowledgements and wherever appropriate, credited in the main body of the text, However, it was important for us to send this personal thank you.

We hope we have done you, the Untouchables and their story justice.”

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