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“HeirHunter UK helped me find my family in under twenty-four hours.

I had been searching for over twenty years with no luck.”

| Joanna Best |

In most cases there are no problems locating heirs, as there are often spouses, children or grandchildren.


In cases where the heirs are not obvious, the Government retains the money and information is provided to enable companies such as ours, to trace any potential heirs.


When a person dies without leaving a will, the law dictates who benefits from their estate.


In England & Wales the order of entitlement is:


  • Spouse or civil partner

  • Partners

  • Children or their issue

  • Siblings of the whole blood and where predeceased, their issue

  • Siblings of the half blood and where predeceased, their issue

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    Uncles and aunts of the whole blood and where predeceased, their issue


We are a company with a proven record of heir tracing.


What can you expect from us?


We will often ask you to confirm specific details about what we know about your family, or ask you for information to help us make further enquiries and complete our investigation.


In common with other probate researchers, we cannot divulge all the relevant details regarding the estate until all the heirs have been contacted and contracts have been signed. This is standard practice.


Once we have received your signed contract, we will be able to complete the legal paperwork and submit your claim to the Treasury Solicitor. We will be responsible for providing all the necessary documents to establish your claim.


When your claim is accepted and the administration complete, the money will be distributed amongst the heirs and at the end of this process we are compensated for our efforts. We do not get paid until you get your inheritance.


The fee agreement recognises the work we have done in locating the heir and advising of the potential interest and agrees that the heir will pay us a percentage of any money that he or she may eventually receive from the estate.


The percentage fee we ask is set to reflect the investment and high costs involved in dealing with speculative estate matters of this kind. It also takes account of the very high risk factor, this is because many of the estates we research will prove unresolvable, for a variety of reasons.


Regardless of the outcome, all costs incurred by us in researching and establishing the families and heirs involved, are our responsibility.


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