Code of Conduct - Welcome to HeirHunter UK

Code of Conduct

The professional expectations set by HeirHunter UK, for the benefit of their clients.

1. Ethics – HeirHunter UK will act with sensitivity, all enquiries will be treated with complete confidentiality.


2. General Conduct – HeirHunter UK operate with the upmost integrity, at all times.


3. Data Handling – HeirHunter UK are data protection compliant. Data is collected fairly, proportionately and lawfully.


4. Payment – HeirHunter UK base their business on honesty and trust. There are no hidden charges, any fees are clear, precise and put in writing.


5. Outcomes – HeirHunter UK will present all search results in a written report, unless stated otherwise by the client.


6. Due Diligence – HeirHunter UK uphold a standard of care to vulnerable clients, checks are carried out to ensure that agreements are not entered into under any false pretences.


7. Cancellation – HeirHunter UK offer a 14 – day cooling off period to all beneficiaries who have entered into the probate research agreement.

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