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Fraser Kinnie is the best at what he does.
Fraser has found several people for myself and my partner, the last search was last week 100% successful. Fraser also found contact details for a young lady who was looking for her paternal family just this week.

| A.S.H |

I’ve never actually met Fraser, I made contact with him after finding out he had found my sister’s biological dad. They were reunited all but very brief (due to ill health). My search was for my step grandad who I had not seen since I was 16 (I was very close to my grandad growing up until he left).

I exhausted all my leads then Fraser, with VERY little information found my grandad within 10 minutes of me sending my first message. We have been in contact since with regular calls and visits up to see him.

You have nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain. If Fraser can’t find who you are looking for, no one can.

| T R S |

I had searched for 42 years for my mother with no luck. Fraser found her in 2 hours then went through the process of what to do next. He was wonderful, straight talking but THE BEST

| D.O |

Can’t speak highly enough of how dedicated and professional Fraser and his team are. You are very welcome to contact me direct to discuss any reservations you may have.
30 years I tried to find someone, within minutes HeirHunter UK and Fraser in particular had located contact details.
Breathtakingly efficient.

| Terry Hanlon |

Fraser Kinnie is an absolute diamond and found my dad who I had never met! I was also sceptical at first as when he messaged me asking for more info and said for me to give him 10 minutes, I thought to myself I’ve been searching for my dad my whole life how could he possibly find anything about him in 10 minutes!?

Fraser then got back to me with 3 possible addresses and together we narrowed it down to one which turned out to be my grandfather’s address (where my dad last resided as he emigrated to America).

I went there the next day and met my grandfather for the first time and he got on the phone to my dad who has now moved back to England after 29 years to build a relationship with me.

I owe Fraser a lot, out of the kindness of his heart this man helped find my dad who I was about to give up looking for. I cannot say a bad word about Fraser’s work or him as a person and will be eternally grateful.

I also recommended Fraser to another friend of mine who was looking for her birth mother and he also found her in a matter of days!!

| Bianca Fray-Clark |

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