I would recommend Fraser to anyone he’s simply the best! I am just in awe at the speed in which he works!

| E.T |

3 minutes to find who my partner and I were looking for. My partner had been looking for his family for 43 years, all very worth it and extremely grateful.

| L.F |

I have never met Fraser Kinnie in person as I’m in Ireland but he’s helped me on numerous occasions. He has helped friends of mine who were trying for years and years to locate their family to no avail. Put your trust in him and allow him try to help you. You’ve nothing to loose and everything to gain.

| P.O |

Fraser is the one to help you….

30 odd years of personally searching with multiple agency’s to no avail..

12 minutes with the team of Frasers and I had my birth mothers home address and phone number. I also had my two brother’s names and addresses.

You have nothing to lose if Fraser says he will do his best, I can personally guarantee he will.

I also contacted him a few weeks ago with a complex search (adoptions, divorces, fostering and general neglect)

All in all, it took Fraser around 30 minutes to find my contacts brother who had not seen nor heard of him since the early 80s.

I must add that I did not know Fraser until that point but now I’m sure we are firm friends. I also went to his wedding as I felt so much respect and warmth for what he had done for my family and myself.

| P.I |

| Simon Corbett |

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