HeirHunter UK helped me find my family in under twenty-four hours.

I had been searching for over twenty years with no luck. I came across HeirHunter UK and they found my dad, brother, sister and cousins.

I will always be grateful, this gave me closure as well as a whole new family.

If you are looking for a relative, then this is the place to look. I will never forget how loyal and helpful HeirHunter UK were and for a tiny cost, I got everything I needed.

Thank you very much.

| Joanna Best |

HeirHunter UK found a long list of my great uncles, all we had was a name and date of birth.

One uncle had been out of contact for sixty years, thanks to HeirHunter UK, they found him.

Unfortunately, he had passed away but he did leave four daughters and one son.

Thanks again HeirHunter UK.

| Julie Stratford Phelan |

I’m almost thirty-two and until October 2014, I hadn’t seen my dad for nearly twenty-eight years.

I spent years looking, using various search websites and I just felt as if I had hit a brick wall and couldn’t get over it.

October last year, I found a post on social media by HeirHunter UK regarding long-lost relative searches. I responded and they were more than happy to help.

I gave them the little information I had regarding my dad, which was not a lot, I had my mums name (her and my dad had been married) and the last known town he’d lived in.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a lot from HeirHunter UK. Like I said, I had used many search websites and they hadn’t told me anything.

Within two hours of speaking to HeirHunter UK, they had my dad and mobile contact number.

Since October last year, I have had contact with all my family. I have met my dad twice and also my two brothers. I have a step mum and four step sisters. I also have an auntie and two cousins who I currently speak to via phone or facebook but will meet soon.

My life has changed completely! I spent twenty-seven years without a family and now I have the whole package.

I am so grateful to Fraser for what he has done for me, I really can’t thank him enough.

They do an amazing job and make a lot of people happy.

If anyone is searching for someone, I would highly recommend HeirHunter UK. Once again, Thank you x

| Tasha Louise Smart |

I had been trying to find my dad for many years and had no luck. It was as though he just vanished off the face of the earth and I didn’t have much information about him. No exact D.O.B, he was not on my birth certificate and I didn’t know his parents names etc, so it was very hard for me to try and track him down.

I thought I’d branch out to social media, I put a page on facebook that I was looking for him.

HeirHunter UK got in contact with me and asked for all the information I had.

I gave Fraser the information and within twenty-four hours I had my dad, grandmother, grandfather and aunties full names, D.O.B, address and telephone numbers.

I then got in touch with my grandfather as my dad emigrated to USA, we have been inseparable ever since. My father’s siblings are planning a trip to London this spring.

I cannot thank Fraser enough for what he has done for me and my family. Amazing man, doing an amazing job!!

| Bianca Fray-Clark |

For years mum wanted to find her half brother but never had a name to trace. Little did we know that her brother was trying to do the same.

With very little information, he got in touch with HeirHunter UK. In a matter of an hour or two, we were in touch.

The joy and amazement from both families has been overwhelming!

We will never be able to thank HeirHunter UK enough for all they have done. Truly gifted researchers, bringing families together for whatever reason.

Thank you so much x

| Tricia Russell |

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